Apache Paimon Incubating

Streaming data lake platform with high-speed data ingestion, changelog tracking and efficient real-time analytics.

One Storage for All Your Data

Key Features

Unified Batch & Streaming
Batch writes and reads, streaming updates, changelog producing, all supported.

Data Lake Capabilities
Low cost, high reliability, scalable metadata. Apache Paimon has every advantage as a data lake storage.

Various Merge Engines
Update records however you like. Preserve the last record, do a partial update, or aggregate records together, you decide.

Changelog Producing
Apache Paimon can produce correct and complete changelog from any data source, simplifying your streaming analytics.

Rich Table Types
Aside from primary-key tables, Apache Paimon also supports append-only table, providing orderly streaming reading to replace the message queue.

Schema Evolution
Apache Paimon supports full schema evolution. You can rename and reorder columns.

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